My name is Dan, also known as Steel Muscle God, and I would like to say “Thank you!” to everyone who has followed my progression over the years.  It has been a challenge and has required lots of hard work.  Through it all I have learned one thing: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

No, I haven’t been lifting weights all my life.  I started in the world of sports as a free-style wrestler. I came to love the feeling of having guys submit to my power.  I still love the sport, however, I no longer compete.

Not long after leaving the world of wrestling I found weight-lifting to have a certain appeal.  “So why not give it a shot!?” I said to myself, and thus began the long, beautiful, hard and ever challenging road called ‘BUILDING THE ULTIMATE STRONG AND PERFECT BODY’  I know it is a long road to go along, but that is the beauty of it.  Now, building that strong and perfect body requires so much more than just building up mass…anybody can do that.  It also requires training your mind to bring you closer to accomplishing your goal.  Staying focused and determined and always striving for more are all needed to achieve a better status.  Therefore, bodybuilding is not only about muscles but it’s about life as well, it teaches you to be a WINNER and never give up.

That is why I am here.  To show everyone that it is possible to push the physical and mental boundaries .  I also believe that sharing this knowledge with the world would help to put others on this same path to a better body and mind.  I believe that this sport can teach one to become a better person.  With the proper will power one can shape their body and mold their minds toward reaching their goals.  Does this sound like too much?  I assure you, it is not!

I like to share my knowledge in this area and the results of my hard work because I know that I will also receive back.  Something this beautiful needs to be displayed so that others may enjoy as well.