Are you SMG hungry? Do you love to see those hard sweaty muscles in action? Can’t wait to see ┬áthe latest video I made? Then this page comes to meet your musclegod hunger. Here you can find the latest videos (and trailers) that I’ve done. Check this page when your urge says so!


I meet with a friend and tell him all about the new discovery I made: tiny people I keep in my supplement box..I show him how he can get energy by chewing them and how he can have fun with them (also how he can breed them so he never run aut of supplements)..They look so funny sitting on my bouncing chest or on my abs.. And he also finds out about another great thing they are good at: if rubbed against the cock, their juice can get it and keep it hard for a long time!. And only at a cost of a few tinies (remember, tinies are things not humans!). And I show him how it has to be done but then he has to go and I am left with my a nice hardon that I need to sort out.. So I keep rubbing them on my cock, show how small they are compared to my dick or cover them with my foreskin and keep it like that until they are drowned in my cum.

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